Rape Marriage And Extreme Bitterness

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and now imagine that someone took you consciousness out of your body then forced you to watch them hurt and humiliate your body in every possible way, tell me how are you feeling now? what do you think of yourself and the person who did this to you? don’t worry, what you’re feeling is just in your mind and it’s only one on million of what a girl or woman who ran into a guy who forced himself upon her feels.

in Egypt and other Arab countries there’s a tradition, accurately named Rape Marriage, that forces the victim to marry her rapist to protect “the family’s reputation and honor” what honor are they talking about is anybody’s guess, consider it a way in keeping the victim and her family in the social circles by preventing justice from taking place and giving the pervert a license to keep committing his crime.

and, yet another part of the surreal news segment that became a stable part of my life, I just learned that rape marriage is legally approved in certain Arab countries, a rapist in one of those countries can legally evade legal punishment by marrying the victim, and in a very late step forward one of those counties, Jordan, scrapped this law.

and the million dollar question is: will scrapping this law everywhere prevent rape marriages from happening? and the answer is no.

another law needs to be made that makes parents who force their daughters to marry the rapists accomplices after the fact of the crime so they can enjoy prison with their charming would be son-in-law.

please make this law a reality, enforce it and let justice be done.


About That Footballer

First of all I am not a football\soccer fan, I only care when it’s Egypt vs. another country.

Second I am not the kind of girl who fixates on a celebrity, I am just not a fan girl.

Third Egyptian football player Mohamed Aboutrika is not a terrorist.

If you think that he is a terrorist because the government says he is, the government took it back, officially he is not a terrorist in the eyes of the government anymore, or rather doesn’t need to bribe his way into the dictator’s good grace anymore because he is, for a very good reason, much more loved and respected than the general and all his men.


In the end I would like to say that I admire and respect this football player because his skill, morality, manners and attitude make him worth admiration and respect.


About The #Cathedral and #Terrorism :From “The Dude” To #ISIL member In Four Steps

Yesterday, a horrific terror attack took place in the St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in my home city Cairo leaving twenty five people dead and thirty five injured, first of all, I would like to extend my sincerest condolences and prayers for the families of the deceased and my prayers for the injured to get well.

Second, I am not the kind of person who every time an unstable man with the word Muslim in his ID does something horrible apologizes for the whole faith, we live in a time when you can easily find the relationship between violence and a certain faith, or the absence of one, with a bush of button as well as where people stand from violence and terrorism with accurate statistics.

Third whether this horrific attack has been committed by ISIL or the terrorists in nice suits in high places or maybe both it doesn’t change the fact that the person who did it is a coward and murderer, and also doesn’t change the unnerving fact that ISIL’s recruitment rate among young people who had no prior interest in either faith or politics a must read piece on the topic has reached its peak in the last couple of years, so here are how this recruitment process usually goes in four steps:-

Step One: Who Am I

Imagine that your a healthy Egyptian young man who never had to work for a living and doesn’t know where Baghdad is on the map let alone what happens there, or that you’re a nice young woman from an American suburb whose knowledge in politics is limited to the two the major parties whose members are always trying to out-Christine and out-American each other, and as expected you came to that phase in your life when you have to ask: who am I? and what am I adding to the world, or what is commonly known as identity crisis, it happens to all of us and you have to answer those questions.

Step Tow: Do I Look Crazy To You

There is a common and mistaken believe in the west that a psychologist is not a real doctor, because in the highly materialistic western civilization emotional health comes at  second place, in my part of the world the problem is bigger and deeper and I spoke about it in my Arabic blog in details, in the end the person in question, ISIL’s potential recruit never goes to the person who can really help with their identity crisis and never have the proper counseling they need.

Step Three: Breaking News

And to deal with the crisis the potential recruit starts picking new hobbies and interests: book clubs, non-profits and even occult but worse than all is politics, it’s that time when he turns os Al Jazzera and she turns on the CNN for the first time and see a journalist being beheaded or a gay man getting thrown off a roof top or a Daesh official statement claiming responsibility for a bombing, I would really recommend asking someone you know to be knowledgeable and reasonable about what’s going on in the world before getting it from the unsubjective and inconsistent giants of the news industry.

Step Four: Wrong Question, Wrong Person, Wrong Way

After our potential recruit see the heinous act he/she goes to the first place people of my generation go to for answers, the social media and the question they have will be: is there anyone out there who agrees with this? and why? and in addition to the fact that those question are insensitive to the feeling of the victims and their families there is a very good chance that they will find more than one person to answer their questions, Daesh has a large, dangerous and organized online operation that is far more sophisticated than anything any government has ever established before, they don’t look for those who disagree with them to troll and harass them like the others, they seek those who are innocently ignorant and curious to twist the facts in their eyes and eventually lead them to pledge their allegiance to Abo Bakr El Baghdady, the worst calamity that has befallen the Muslim nation sense Ziyad ibn Abih.

The Bottom Line

Know that going through an identity crisis is normal, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last, ask for help, psychologists are actually helpful, if you take an interest in politics or religion, any religion, find a mentor, someone knowledgeable, honest and more importantly understands that he/she can do wrong and make mistakes, and while this phase is still going on, know that it will be over and that you need to make sure that you’re mind will still be yours by the end of it.


مقالة أولى على المدونة

هذه هي مقالتك الأولى تمامًا. انقر على رابط تحرير لتعديلها أو حذفها، أو بدء مقالة جديدة. استخدم هذه المقالة، إن شئت، لإخبار القراء عن سبب إنشاء هذه المدونة وما الذي تخطط للقيام به من خلالها. إذا كنت بحاجة إلى المساعدة، فاطلب ذلك من الأشخاص الودودين في منتديات الدعم.